jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

Happy New Year!!!!!

Here's to an awesome 2014. I was super boring for new years. I stayed home and I think I stayed up until like 10 maybe. lol.

The year in review:

My finances were/still are a mess and I don't really see them getting better anytime soon. My sister moved in with me. This is me trying to help out my sister as she doesn't have a job and just got shoulder surgeory but I guess the problem with her is she can't seem to keep a steady job and she doesn't really pitch in at all. I doubt this will ever change. My lease is up in October so I guess I will see what my life is like at that point.

I moved into a new place and its really nice and has three bedrooms and a dishwasher and has three floors.Its a little on the pricey side but its nice.

I think the saving grace this year has been my job. I love it and my boss really likes me and she is the best boss I've ever had. With her assistance I might go back to school part time next year so I can eventually get my accounting designation.

I went to Edmonton Expo this year and it was amazing. It was so much bigger than the year before and I picked up some amazing stuff and got to see Karl Urban/Garrett Wang/John Barrowman and some other amazing people.

Next year I'm looking forward to hopefully better finances and my job is moving locations this month which is going to suck but its a really nice new place. I get my own cubicle/won't have to share with other people. Its the closest thing to an office without actually being an office.

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