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New Doctor Who/Edmonton Expo/Mads Mikkelsen is adorable

Edmonton Expo was fun but too bad I wasn't sick as a dog. I think I have a chest infection after having a sinus infection. Uggh I hate being sick before the con cause it could have been a little bit funner not being so sick. Loved Garret Wang as usual, Jim Beaver was so nice, The big bang theory panel was packed and pretty fun.

My fav. part of the con was Mads Mikkelsen! He was so down to earth, so nice , so sweet and charming. He had a dark sense of humour which I love and he was delicious. I sent your autograph ailurophile6 and I attached a pic below as well. A few tidbits of Mads Panel. He was wearing a maroon dress shirt and jeans and to him that is dressing up, at home he wears runners and track pants, lol. Someone asked him if they made a meal out of him what would it be, lol. He said it would be something asian but they would have to steer clear of his liver, lol. Someone asked him what his fav. messed up dream of his was on the show, and he corrected her it was Will's fucked up dreams. LOL.

I noticed that the big bang theory panel was mostly kids and the Mads panel didn't have as many people in it but i thought the Mads panel was probably the best of the weekend. The panel for Garrett Wang was second best but Garrett's panel is always good and he had some good impressions and cute stories.










New Doctor Who

Am I the only one who actually likes the new doctor who, lol. I really enjoyed the newest episode and I adore Danny Pink.

Other new shows I like: Scorpion, NCIS:NO, and I loved Blackish... Oh and Once Upon a Time is tonight :) Oh and I love love love Outlander! Too bad its not back til april :(
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