jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

tv feels!

This weekend was awesome. I sat around and watched two seasons worth of tv shows on netflix.

I'm having major tv feels!

American Horror Story Coven - I adored this season. I watched the whole season yesterday, yeah I might have started watching it at 630 in the morning :P I haven't caught the new season yet but I adored Asylum and I didn't mind the first season but it wasn't my favourite.

Jane the virgin - yeah, I'm love with this show and I might have squeed out loud when Jane and you know kissed. That was the last episode I watched.

Agent of (freaking) shield. OMG WHY HAVEN'T I WATCHED THIS SOONER. This show is sooooooooo good. I watched all of season 1 yesterday and today and I need moooooore. I will see if my on demand has season 2. I want to know who Skye's parent are, lol. I cried many times watching season 1 and squeed lots of times.

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