jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

Hello 2016...

Part of 2015 was a big pile of crap, until September/October and here's hoping for an awesome 2016.

At the beginning of the year my finances were in the shitter and I was living in a dive place. In September I got an awesome new apartment, I started school after work on my way to completing a Payroll degree which is pretty cool and I have addressed my finance issues and I have a plan to be debt free by next June.

This year was also probably the year of lootcrate and Nerdblock. I discovered these two gems from someone at work. I think I have like 3 subrscriptions going. I love getting these cool gifts and hey if anyone is interested I can start posting pics on what I got each month.

In fandom news I mostly watched nothing on my actual tv. except Doctor Who. Its the only thing I watch live. I really got inot Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

Oh and can we talk about how awesome Star Wars was? I watched it twice in the theatre.

Hopefully anyone still alive on here is doing okay.

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