jennifer jensen (jenniferjensen) wrote,
jennifer jensen

It's Been 84 Years

Wow, I haven't posted since last year. Bad girl. I wanted to post here because I fell for a new fandom real real hard. SHADOWHUNTERS, and by that I mean Malec :p I really haven't fallen this hard since Stargate Atlantis. I mean I've been watching Vids, reading fan fic, following all the actors on social media (who are all adorbs by the way ). It helps that my ship is so canon. I've even been thinking of firing up the ole photoshop.

So if anyone has recs for fic, videos, and especially comms or icons. Please let me know :D Could be here are some of the other sites.

Okay, I should be working..... but at least I'm working from home, lol.
Tags: malec, shadowhunters

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