All Grown Up

I just watched Spy and it is the most fucking hilarious movie I have ever seen. Lots and Lots of explecit language of course:)

I took my nephews to San Andreas and l can't beleive how grown up they are getting.

and Edmonton Expo guests have started to roll in. The first guest is John Noble and Orlando Jones! Yay!
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Teen Wolf Feels

Yep, I have major Teen Wolf feels. For some reason I decided I wanted to watch Teen Wolf and I never had tried it. I had just watched Bitten which was really good too and after watching Teen Wolf on the shittiest ever version on youtoube I went to HMV and bought the first season.

Since its not on Netflix and I'm in Canada and I'm pretty sure it doesn't air here. I watched the first season and it was sooooooo good. I ordered the second and third season on Amazon and will get it this week :) All I have to say is Sterek :D :D
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tv feels!

This weekend was awesome. I sat around and watched two seasons worth of tv shows on netflix.

I'm having major tv feels!

American Horror Story Coven - I adored this season. I watched the whole season yesterday, yeah I might have started watching it at 630 in the morning :P I haven't caught the new season yet but I adored Asylum and I didn't mind the first season but it wasn't my favourite.

Jane the virgin - yeah, I'm love with this show and I might have squeed out loud when Jane and you know kissed. That was the last episode I watched.

Agent of (freaking) shield. OMG WHY HAVEN'T I WATCHED THIS SOONER. This show is sooooooooo good. I watched all of season 1 yesterday and today and I need moooooore. I will see if my on demand has season 2. I want to know who Skye's parent are, lol. I cried many times watching season 1 and squeed lots of times.


Check back here for gifts! I will be posting gifts to all everyday this month! If you don't want to be missed leave a comment on my previous post! I will try and give a gift to everyone. Except those that aren't around LJ lately.


On The 1st day of christmas everythingshiny gets a gift.
On the 2nd day of christmas entwashian gets a gift.
On the 3rd day of christmas taj_mahal07 gets a gift.
On the 4th day of christmas colls gets a gift.
On the 5th day of christmas kimberlyfdr gets a gift.
On the 6th day of christmas xfirefly9x gets a gift.
On the 7th day of christmas ailurophile6 gets a gift.
On the 8th day of christmas moon_chylde gets a gift.
On the 9th day of christmas mercury973 gets a gift.
On the 10th day of christmas hermionesparkle gets a gift.

Day 11-24 are for everyone.

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Advent - Baby It's Cold Outside

Since its cold outside and Gameofcards is doing a fun challenge I'm giving gifts to all!

It is currently -30 outstide and looks like it will be -40 by tonight! Yay! Why the hell do I live here anyway?

Anywhoo I am trying to make all the gifts cold related or semi close to it.

Drop me your name. If you are in a landcomm let me know the name you want on it/your team.

Also if you are not in a landcomm I will give out icons. If you want a specific fandom let me know!


Medical Stuff

I had such a high fever last night and couldn't even eat anything and just laid in my bed and watched Sherlock last night. I felt horrible. I am so worn out, and I think I'm anemic and have low iron. Ugggh.

I'm going to the hospital on Friday. Fun, I'm so bringing my ipad.
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If you read the stuff under the cut and looks at my icon you will notice my sick sense of humour. LOL


I love Netflix. This weekend I've watched the first couple of seasons of Sherlock and I think I'm in love with Benedict and Martin. Previously, I had only watched the first couple of episodes. Also, I went and seen the theory of everything this weekend. It was so good!

Got a promotion/Doing some history

I got a promotion at work today! I am super excited! I was doing Accounts Payable and now our Payroll department is expanding so I will be setting up our new Payroll system and will be doing payroll. Our company has locations all across Canada so it will be super busy and fun. I also get to train the new accounts payable person and even get to be in on the interview process. I also get a nice little raise.

I am so stoked, I've been doing Accounts Payable for about 13 years now so it should be a nice change of pace.

Also I've been trying to do some family history stuff and found out that one of my relatives (Barthlomew Heath) came from Essex County who married Hannah Moyce from Suffolk County. I would love to go to London one day. I would also love to go to Scotland. I have a thing for Scottish Accents. I would also love to go to Denmark one day, which is where my dad's family is from.
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Gif Meme

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I stole this from xfirefly9x

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